Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blog Post #5 Part 2

A few weeks ago, I created a Symbaloo to start my PBL network. I have also created a Twitter and a LinkedIn. All of these have proved to be useful in my project based learning network. On Twitter I have found some interesting education pages that keep me updated on different things from around the world. The Symbaloo is my favorite, though, because I set it as my homepage and use it for everything. I can use it to keep everything I have right where I need it and it's a perfect combination of business and personal. It has fast access links and options to change what I use and where I keep it. It is by far the best tool I will take out of this class. The PBL network I have created has been very useful and convenient throughout this semester.

Blog Post #14

Problem: Anyone can be a teacher.
Solutions: Academic training, pick from the top 1/3 of graduates, and change how teachers are rewarded.

Problem: Seniority distraction.
Solutions: Seniority dictates the way that the school is run. Albert Shanker demands a "knowledge base" as well as a "formal set of . . . peer relations." Shanker also called for a "national teacher examination" a test that would be like one doctors and lawyers take. In addition, Shanker would require a "supervised internship of from one to three years" to evaluate prospective teachers.

Problem: Radical Change
Solutions: Shanker proposed that teachers come up with their own board to police the profession, establishing standards and providing mechanisms for removing incompetent teachers. Teachers would also be subjected to merit-based career ladders and would be promoted based on specialized exams. Some teachers who have demonstrated true mastery would be aided by collage graduates serving as teaching assistants.

Mean teacher

Anyone can be a teacher, this is a true thing. Some people are in it for the weekends and summers. Some people so they can be close to their children. It's also true that there are more education majors than there are jobs. Just at the University of South Alabama, there are hundreds of people competing for the same thing. Multiply that by the number of schools with education programs, a lot of the schools being bigger than South is as well. Taking one third of the teachers with the highest rankings would be a good idea, only if they are as good in real life as they are on paper. There needs to be a system. Something that picks the good ones from the bad. What that system is though, is still a mystery to me. 

Seniority dictates the way the school is run. While I hate to admit it, I think that's true. The longer some people have been there, the less they care, but they have a huge amount of pull because of the time they've put in there. I feel like if you don't continue to be the best you can be and that you're just there because you can be, that you should be removed from the job. Just because one person has been doing the same thing for 20 years does not mean they should be allowed to slack off and rob children of proper education. 

The radical change Shanker proposed has yet to come to play. No internship or severe testing is required. People seem to look down on education majors, like we're not smart enough to do anything else. Shanker's solutions seem to me like they would be effective. They would weed out the people who are in the profession for the weekends, holidays, and summers. 

There are some changes I believe that need to be made in the education system. Teachers should be more into their profession than some of them are, and we should have a way for taking incompetent teachers out of the system. There are so many education majors anymore and so many people in it for the wrong reasons that something needs to be done. Hopefully one day there is a perfect way to get rid of those people. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blog Post #13

Blog Post 1
For Blog Post 1, explore resources on conservation. Think about why it is important to conserve in the area we live in. What can you do to help conserve? What kind of organizations in the area could you join to contribute? What would happen over time if we didn't conserve?

Conservation is very important, especially near the Gulf like we are. If we pollute too much of the water, the fish will die and the Gulf Coast is known for seafood and pretty beaches. I know Gulf Shores has pretty beaches, and they are very big on keeping the trash off the beach. When the oil spill hit, they cleaned it up as quickly as they could and did everything they could to conserve the water. Now, you can do conservation through the schools, like beach cleanup, park cleanup, or volunteering to share about the importance of recycling. If we didn't conserve the environment, there would be more pollution in the air, the water wouldn't be as clean, and there would be more trash laying around.

C4T #4

Nico Rowinsky's Blog Post
Mr. Rowinsky gives two instances where teachers had come up and told him stories students had told about his class. In one, he had a right to brag, the student felt challenged and engaged. In the other he was humbled, the student was not challenged and thought that is was "all just answering questions." In the end though, Mr. Rowinsky says it is the second story that humbled him that makes him strive to become a better teacher.

My name is Kirstin Bailey, I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am studying to become an elementary teacher. I really loved this blog post because of how honest it is. Some teachers don't realize that they can't walk around with pride forever. I love that you're striving to become a better teacher. Good luck :)

C4K April

Paige's Blog Post

In her blog, Paige reviews a book called Percy Jackson, The Lightening Thief. It's about Percy Jackson, who is half human and half God. He gets kicked out of many boarding schools before he lands in Camp Half-blood and saves Zeus' powers.

Kirstin Bailey (Guest)
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Paige, my name is Kirstin Bailey. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. This book sounds really interesting. I am only 19, so it sounds like something I would like to read so I will pick it up the next time I’m at the library! You should be a book critic!

Matthew's Blog Post
Matthew had a blog post containing a poem about the five senses.

Kirstin Bailey (Guest)
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Matthew, my name is Kirstin, I am in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really like your poem. It really goes with the senses. Good job! 
Kirstin Bailey

Jaea's Blog Post
Jaea's blog talks about a mass murder in France, that led to the hashtag #iamcharlie. #iamcharlie is for all the people who are for freedom of speech and the press. Jaea believes God will punish them for their sins.

Kirstin Bailey (Guest)
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My name is Kirstin Bailey, I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, AL. I had no idea this had happened, and I appreciate where you cited the source because I will look into this. I do believe people standing up to the government can work. Just like America was freed from Great Britain. They too had to face a similar massacre, the Boston Massacre. It is not impossible, we just have to hope God gives them the strength to fight another day and revolt. Good job.